Cayman Activity Guide

A collaboration with Left Right Media

The Cayman Activity Guide — an all inclusive map of everything to do, see and eat in the Cayman Islands. Left Right Media set out to completely update the magazine’s cover, internal page layout, photography, typographical elements, and icons to add a renewed sense of energy and life to the Island's most popular travel guide.

With such a rich background, we had plenty of inspiration to draw from. Pulling details from vintage travel and field guides, we brought together branding elements that are an ideal blend of old and new. We were drawn to a focus on iconography, color and type variation with less photography. These elements would help modernize the Cayman Activity Guide and set it apart from the competition, which are largely photography based.

I created an icon set for each section of the guide, with the intent of helping readers navigate the content easily. It was important that the seals and icons remain flat and monochromatic to stay in line with the vintage travel guide aesthetic of the project. Bold lines, flat icons and modern type helped make the map immediately recognizable and understandable — giving just enough information without being overwhelming.